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1.680 €
AIMS: shaping up the body and clearing out toxins, banishing unhealthy eating habits, toning muscles, stimulating venous and lymphatic circulation and relaxing body and mind.
TECHNIQUES: once medical examination and beauty and nutritional consultations have been carried out, we develop a personalised programme in which the following techniques are employed daily: Thalasso Fitness Circuit, personalised gym workout, personalised water-aerobics, massage, thalassotherapy techniques and beauty treatments.
DURATION: one week. Treatments throughout the whole day (morning, afternoon and evening). Breakfasts, lunches and dinners included in the La Perla restaurant, under the supervision of our dietician.


599 €
AIMS: reducing orange peel skin, eliminating toxins, reducing the retention of liquids and toning a flaccid muscles.
TECHNIQUES: after medical examination and evaluations by a beautician and a dietician, we develop a programme adjusted to your needs, in which we combine beauty techniques (such as phytodrenage, pressotherapy and massotherapy) with more complex equipment (vacuum therapy, radio-frequency treatment) and hydrotherapy techniques.
DURATION: depending on initial diagnosis, 10 sessions (two to three sessions per week).


950 €
AIMS: bringing weight down, sculpting the body, reducing cellulite, improving circulation and toning muscles.
TECHNIQUES: following a medical consultation and aesthetic and nutritional evaluations, a tailor-made programme will be designed which combines:
- 1st – 2 OTS physical test (before starting and at the end) + personalized treatment for 3 months
- 2nd – Weight-loss dietary plan for 3 months (both supervised by a nutrition expert and a fitness instructor)
- 3rd – A personalised treatment program, which combines hydrotherapy (jets, wraps, baths, etc.), complex beauty treatments (vacuum therapy, radio-frequency, etc.), massages (fat-reducing, cellulite-reducing, drainage, etc.) and other methods.
DURATION: depending on initial diagnosis, 10 sessions (two to three sessions per week).