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Location and special feature: we are located in the middle of  la Concha Bay, which makes our centre unique..
You can view the bay from the dining room and the two terraces.
Atmosphere and decoration: contemporary.

Telephone: 943 46 24 84
Fax: 943 46 99 27

Café opening hours:: from 8.30 am to 11.00 pm.

Kitchen opening hours: Non – Stop. We are open fron 12:00h to 23:00h.

Set menu: Monday, wednesday, thursday and Friday, at midday, 20.00 € in  terrace 22,00€ (10% VAT not included); not available in August.

Night menu: Wednesday to Friday, at night, 27.50 € in terrace 30,25 (10% VAT not included); not available in August.

Tasting menu: Everyday, 49.50€ in our terrace 54,45€ (10% VAT  included).

À la carte: Everyday, 50 € on average

Staff holiday: Sunday nights, Mondays nights and Tuesday, from October to April. The rest of the year, our restaurant opens everyday.

Capacity of the restaurant: 130 people.

During the spring and summer, we open our two terraces – one is attached to the café and restaurant where we serve our breakfasts, appetizers, lunches and dinners, and the other one is a stand-alone terrace with a youthful atmosphere, where we serve salads, hamburgers and pizzas.