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This Health Centre has been authorised by the Health Department of the Basque Government under certification no. 20 C 24907385

Exclusive treatments with our qualified physiotherapists and osteopaths for joint and muscle problems and injuries.


Medical consultation + 1st rehabilitation session 61,90 €
1st physiotherapy session, with evaluation 50,90 €
Follow-up consultations and physiotherapy:
25′ 36,00 €
40′ 50,90 €
55′ 61,90 €
Posture re-education* (Pilates, pelvic floor…) 59,90 €
Individual hipopressive exercises* 59,90 €

 * It includes a monthly review.


Recommended for headaches, joint blocking, back stiffness, as well as colic, regurgitation, irritability in children.

Assessment and treatment 50,90 €


61,90 €
DEFINITION: Our hydrokinetic therapy uses the advantages offered by seawater to recover from different osteomuscular injuries, especially those affecting the joints. Seawater provides mechanical, thermal and psychological benefits, which, when combined with the physiotherapy techniques carried out in the water itself, offers a significant improvement in the recovery of the affected joints.

AIMS: Recovering joint mobility, functioning and strength in the joints after an injury or undergoing surgery.

RECOMMENDED DURATION: Depending on the initial diagnosis and type of injury.