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La Perla Thalassotherapy is a genuine heir of the belle époque of San Sebastian. More than one century ago, the queen Maria Cristina established the royal summer house in this city. Sea baths were considered to be a fine pleasure by holidaymakers, a pleasure that combined therapy, relax and wellness.

In La Concha beach, which had been awarded with the title of “Royal Beach”, La Perla spa was inaugurated. The initial building was made of good, but it was rebuilt in 1912. The newspapers of the time described the new resort as one of the most beautiful of the world. Through its facilities, La Perla del Oceano offered health and serenity.

La Perla Thalasso-Sport Centre is located in the incomparable surroundings of La Concha Bay. Regarded as the best Thalassotherapy Urban Spa of Europe, our centre combines ocean’s benefits with fitness.

A unique centre in Europe, which makes use of seawater to offer the best relax therapies and body toning programmes. We have state of the art technology in physical and sporting, therapeutic, relax and stress-relieving programmes. More than 5,500 m2 to enjoy with your family, where health, well-being and service quality are priorities.

The Thalasso Fitness Circuit includes:

  • Hydrotherapy pool
  • Relaxation pool
  • Panoramic Jacuzzi
  • Active pool
  • Sensation labyrinth
  • Water-beds
  • Sea vapour bath
  • Ice fountain
  • Dry sauna
  • Relaxation room
  • Cold pool with seawater
  • Showers with cold seawater – Resting area

The facilities have a view of the beach, as well as direct access to it.


2 hours: 27,00 €
In the Thalasso Fitness Circuit or the Gym
3 hours: 31,50 €
In the Thalasso Fitness Circuit or the Gym
5 hours: 35,50 €
In the Thalasso Fitness Circuit and the Gym
Young people, 16-25 years old 20,50 €
2 hours in the Thalasso Fitness Circuit.
Children, 6-15 years old 18,00 €
2 hours in the Thalasso Fitness Circuit


Vouchers are transferable and can be used by several people at the same time

10-session voucher of 2 hours each 180,00 €
In the Thalasso Fitness Circuit or the Gym
10-session voucher of 3 hours each 217,00 €
In the Thalasso Fitness Circuit or the Gym

EXPIRY:  All vouchers and tokens expire after three years.