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Timetable: Every day from 8 am to 10 pm.

Rules and regulations of the Thalasso Fitness Circuit

For your own benefit and safety, please read the advice below carefully.


  • On weekends and bank holidays, we strongly advise you to book your appointment over the phone or at reception.
  • Groups of 20 people or more: to ensure admission to the centre, you should book your appointment in advance, by contacting our Sales Department.


  • Bathing Suit (or bikini), swimming cap and towel; we sell swimming suits and caps and rent towels.
  • Fabric cap: 3.00 € / Silicone cap: 6.20 € / Towel hire: 1 € / Bathrobe hire: 2.70€
  • Flip-flops may only be used in the changing rooms and showers; the Thalasso Fitness Circuit will undertaken barefoot. If necessary, swimming socks can be used. These are on sale at reception.
  • The lockers for storing personal belongings are operated with an access card (to be returned once the session is over). We do not accept liability for any loss, theft or damage to belongings which have not been placed in lockers.


  • The minimum age of admission to the circuit is 6 years old.
  • Children under the age of 16, must be accompanied by an adult. Parents or guardians take full responsibility for any children they bring to the centre.
  • Children should not spend longer than one hour in the water, and those under 14 are not allowed to use the saunas, steam baths or Jacuzzi.


  • The timetable for the Thalasso Fitness Circuit is between 8 am and 9.40 pm.
  • Your session begins when you enter through the access gate and ends when you leave through it. Excess time will be charged 2 € for every 20 minutes.
  • Open everyday, except 25th December and 1st January. The centre will be closed for 15 days per year for technical checks.


  • Accidents caused by slipping are the responsibility of the customer. To avoid this, please walk carefully given that the floor is wet. If you feel unsafe, use the handrails in the facilities to enter and exit the baths.
  • La Perla is a centre for relaxation and fitness. Therefore, members are prohibited from making noise, running round the centre or playing in the pools.
  • The maximum depth in the pools is 1.39 M; if you are unable to swim, you must notify a member of the centre’s management.
  • There will be a pool monitor present to help you should you have any needs or doubts.
  • Members must obey the rules and regulations of the centre. These are displayed in the entrance to the centre.
  • The centre reserves the right to refuse admission.